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The Original Plan

What was built 1957

It was decided to build the hall first due to many community functions and use it as a church, temporarily, of course.  From 55 to 57 services were held in the basement of the rectory or Riverside Public school. In 1965 the existing building was made a proper church by an extension at the back to provide altar and choir space, a new front entrance and construction of a large connected hall (Congress Hall) to the north. The original church doors were reused on the hall Oban entrance. In 1999 an elevator was installed near the main church entrance and in  2012   spaces were cut into the pews making St. Martin’s  a more wheelchair/scooter friendly church.  A detailed history of the first 50 years of St. Martins is available. Contact the church office.

The Church Today

Rector Emeritus: The REV. TIM ROWLAND shown here in a

​​picture with his family. This dedication and photo hangs
in Rowland Hall at St. Martin-in-the-Fields Church.​

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