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This stained glass window enhances the front of our church.  It depicts Martin (b.316 AD) as a Roman soldier cutting his own cloak in two to give half to a poor beggar who had insufficient clothing to shield himself from the piercing cold.  That night he dreamed he saw the Lord clothed in the cloak and heard Him say “Martin has clothed me with his garment”. Shortly Martin received Christian baptism and his spirit of sharing and caring for the poor became a notable characteristic of his life. He was appointed Bishop of Tours in 371 AD.


Our Patron Saint - Martin Of Tours

THE NAME: Influences were St. Martin-in-the-Fields church in London, England and that our church was also in a London and in the fields of a new subdivision (Oakridge)  The St. Martin oval on the front of our font is made from metal damaged by WWII bombing of the original St. Martin’s in England.

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