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Worship Service Leadership



St. Martin's is fortunate to have three servers who faithfully participate in service leadership each week - Simon, Fletcher and Jack.

Chancel Guild:


This group of dedicated women, take care of Fair Linen and with the help of Father Sid throughout the year, keep the Chancel decorated with linens, flowers and food as the seasons dictates.

Gathering to make palm crosses for Palm Sunday, the Chancel Guild welcomes all volunteers who wish to participate. This group partakes in the stripping of the altar at the Maundy Thursday service, a moving service open to everyone.

Other Sundays include decorating for Easter, Harvest Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Prayer Group:


The prayer group consists of 9 members, including our Priest-in-Charge, Fr. Willi Kammerer. Meetings are the second Wednesday of each month.

Prayer commitment is daily, praying for each member of the parish and for the sick, shut-in, lonely, depressed and unemployed. Prayer is a powerful ministry, especially at St. Martins. Contact the Church office at 519-471-4250 if interested in joining this group.

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